mercredi 27 juin 2007

PARIS 1919

Such a good album !
Good rock, cool melodies !
For this LP he left his hypnotic viola in the box !
And the orchestration of "PARIS 1919" his so great !
But I'm not objective ! I'm a fan !


Philippe LEOTARD was first a philosophy teatcher, and then an actor incredible, a singer and badly a junky !
He often played bad cops who hit easy girls !
For this LP he worked with Art Mengo that had his fame with two or three songs in the end 80's.
Orchestrations are really cool !
In a way it is the French spleen ! Our Tom Waits !

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Many years after her beginning, she's still "la petite Françoise" !
One the rare french singer that go throught the Channnel !
For this LP, she worked with the Master Serge GAINSBOURG : "Comment Te Dire Adieu ?"
Nice cover of George BRASSENS : "Il N'y A Pas D'amour Heureux", lyrics are a poetry of Louis ARAGON a french poet and a bit communist ! ;-)
An other cover of Leonard Cohen : "Suzanne" , this one is in french, I'll post soon her cover in english !

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lundi 25 juin 2007


In Fact this is one of the LP's I've been born and bread !
Gerad MANSET is rare and kind of prescious !
At first his study art then makes his way as singer/songwriter and novelist.
It sometime sound like Beatles, sometimes drums sound like Marvin GAYE !

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Lou REED and John CALE working together again for the memory of their master and friend : Andy WARHOL !
The screaming guitar of Lou REED and the hypnotic piano and viola of John CALE.

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I Heard It Through The Grapevine

I used to listen this LP on and on !
It makes me feel good, light and happy !

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Boris VIAN

Mostly known for his novels and his poetry,
Boris VIAN was also a good jazz player as trompetist and an incredible songwriter !
Here is "Boris VIAN chante Boris VIAN", his one and only LP !
With some bonus tracks : "Mozart Avec Nous", "La Java Des Chaussettes A Clous" and some others.

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dimanche 24 juin 2007


First post must be a rare and unique LP !
Here is 1968 by France GALL !
Some good songs of Serge GAINSBOURG : "Néfertiti" et "Teenie Weenie Boppie",
Some nice orchestration by David WHITAKER : "Chanson Indienne",
And of course : "Bébé Requin"

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Here a new Blog !
I will share some of my music and mostly my French titles !
Hope you'll like it !
Feel free to ask for some post, I may raise your wishes !