samedi 7 juillet 2007

BREL 1977

The last and prodigious LP of Jacques BREL.
Belgium gives us many great artists !
After a break in the Marquises island, BREL came back with this opus !
He knew at this time that he was very ill.
I spend a complete summer to listen to this tape when I was a teenager !

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Tout Lu, Tout Vu, Tout Bu ! a dit…
Pass : toutlutoutvutoutbu

manu a dit…

magnifique blog!all interessant,thanks,merci

Joey a dit…

Definitely his best one: the sound of a man who knows he's about to give in to death. Raw emotion.

His best, sure, but also his most controversial because of "Les F...". Being Flemish myself, I can easily understand why a lot of people were offended by it. But hey, great song, as all the rest here! "Orly" must be one of the most heartwrenchingly beautiful songs ever written.

Anyway, keep it up. Great stuff! (looked for Rock Around The Bunker everywhere...)