jeudi 26 juillet 2007


TELEPHONE is "the" french rock group !
In this LP, there is three big hits and all is good !!
"La Bombe Humaine" is so furious !!

Link and Pass in comments !

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Tout Lu, Tout Vu, Tout Bu ! a dit…
Pass : toutlutoutvutoutbu

Anonyme a dit…

yeah, telephone rocks!!!

and you rock too

Hakan a dit…

Great! Been looking for this for ages! (French rock is hard to find in Stockholm, thank god for the net)Merci beaucoup!

G.T. a dit…

Sorry, but I totally disagree.
Telephone is just a shame, it's one of the worst band we ever had in France. And one of the most ridiculous rock band of all times. Don't talk about Telephone to a french who loves rock, it's as if you were talking of Vanilla Ice to a rap-fan, or of André Rieu to a classical-fan...

G.T. a dit…

Mais, malgré ce désaccord sur Téléphone... je tiens tout de même à dire que ton blog est très bien !

Bonne continuation !

Anonyme a dit…

The file you were looking for could not be found, sorry for any inconvenience.

Reupload Pleeeese!!!

Greetings form Vienna :)